Thursday, 5 January 2017

XLV Colt .. First XV done .. Off to the Range

As in rugby, the first XV are ready for trials .. Trail Boss is a “new” powder for me, so best we Fire Test these re-loads before proceeding with more.

Seating and Crimping was very consistent, testament to the: Lee seating & Lee Crimp dies as set in the T7 (very sturdy press) Setting and Adjusting these Lee Deluxe dies is a tad easier than the Dillon pistol dies. That said, both perform well when set.45coltf151

Wednesday, 4 January 2017

45 Colt .. Powder Charge CHECK #1

45 Caliber- 200gr. SWC verified. OK45 xt200g1 First five (5) charged cases checked and verified (measured). OK45coltcharged1

45 Colt .. Loading Trail Boss .. 6.0gr.

Trail Boss is a High Volume relative to Mass (weight) powder. 6.0 grains metered out.45 tb6gr1Trail Boss, 6.0 grains in the Dillon scale scoop.45 tb6gr2

To better indicate when Lee Auto Drum Measure is set to: “OPEN FLOW” I added a RED mark on the casting inline with the hopper screw.


Note position of Powder Metering Screw; quite extended for just 6.0 grains of powder.


45 Colt .. Overall Length Set

Overall Length is set .. Redding T7 press and Lee Deluxe 45 Colt Die set.45colt1Here we have a Max OAL of 1.600” .. on these Copper Plated 200gr. SWC.  I set a couple of thou under .. 1.598”45coltoal2

9 mm Luger .. 3,000 + Case Prep Complete

All ready for next XL650 Set-Up and Run .. after I finish the 45 Colt small batch.9mmcaseprepf1

Thursday, 29 December 2016

Trail Boss …. and …. Tin Star

9 oz of Trail Boss Powder: $21.95 at local gun store: Fowler’s Gun Room: 358 South Tustin Ave.​ Orange, CA. … Exit Chapman off the 55, south on Tustin. 




Buying on-line .. not a fair option when you have this to deal with: Please note, powder ships separately. $19.99 HazMat plus $9.99 Shipping fees apply.trailboss1

As an alternate: Vihtavuori “Tin Star”  Powder Valley, offer 1lb for $33.65


T7 set-up for 45 Colt

All set for a first IMR Trail Boss / Auto-Drum trials.t7setup1

New Powder Measure

The Auto-Drum Powder Measure by Lee, has received a number of favorable user reviews. I have opted to add one to my T7 press and try it dispense IMR Trail Boss into 45 Colt cases. E-Bay price: $44.98-No delivery fee. .. Midway $32.99-39.88 delivered. I bought from e-bay.autodrum1autodrum2

Another Die Set .. 45 Colt

The Deluxe 4 die set from Lee, this shall be specific to the T7 turret pressE-Bay: $44.98.. No delivery fee.  Midway 39.48 .. $47.08 with delivery45cdies145die2

Tuesday, 27 December 2016

9 mm Tight Primer Pocket

Sorting through 9 mm range brass (3,000+ cases) .. these show up .. Primer Pockets are smaller diameter than “regular” 9 mm brass. In my current batch average pocket ID is: 0.1725” .. these two examples are 0.1690”  .. only 3 1/2 thou but noticeable when cleaning with reamer and wire brush.  Looks like a Winchester NATO stamp: Cross in a Circle and the 11 is a two digit date code. .. I’ll keep these separate for priming.

odd mark

 For Ref the SAAMI Specs: Pockets and Primers:imageimage