Sunday, 19 November 2017

Ammo Box … project complete (for now)

22 Ammo boxes; 12 Large & 10 Small. Twenty are filled leaving a couple of spares (Large).image

  • Dimensions: L=13.75" x W=7" x H=8.75"51xElVplXpL._SL1000_91 2AVS5 WL._SX425_
  • Dimensions: L=11.63in. x H=7.13in. x W=5.13in.
  • Saturday, 11 November 2017

    3,000 pcs Complete …. Update 11/13

    Just finished up the last of the 3,000 pcs.  Awaiting arrival (Monday) of 10 ammo cans to augment storage.

    So all 10 new ammo cans arrived .. all now full, ordered another 10

    Friday, 10 November 2017

    The last batch on this run of 3,000 9mm Luger

    Last of the brass is loaded in the rotary feeder, bullet tray is full with last of the 125 gr 0.356” Flat Nose Copper Plated bullets.

    Primers are loaded, primer pick-up tubes are full, all set for the final set.

    Transport is arranged to carry the completed Ammo to storage:07Hiroshige: Torii by the shore at Miya, circa 1850

    Thursday, 9 November 2017

    Re-Sizing .. 0.357” to 0.356”

    A simple process when a set sequence of steps are taken. 

    A) Clean and Lubricate bullets.

    B) Leave to air dry in prepared drying container.

    C) Prep lubed bullet bin and separate re-sized bin (line with protective liner)

    D) Process through re-sizing die/station. With help from #1 apprentice

    E) Degrease and air dry bullets.

    Now proceed and Re-Load as normal.

    Ref pictures:r_161lee-lube1-720x340IMG_7645[613]

    Approx. 43% through the reloading of 3,000 9mm

    The build of: 1,000 115 grain Round Nose is compete.  Minor tweak's to the XL650 and all set for the 124 grain Flat Point bullets.  Set-up checked out, production is complete. Now on to Re-Sizing 125 grain 0.357” diameter Flat Point bullets to a nominal 0.356”, ideal for use in my 9mm Luger semi-autos.

    After a short climb .. it’s tea time, a handy rest stop awaits on Mt. Utsu for dango (dumplings made of rice flour) and tea03Attribution: Hiroshige, early 1840s

    Tuesday, 7 November 2017

    Afternoon Tea

    A respite well deserved … re-loading 9mm continues.  All in all a productive

    Wednesday, 18 October 2017

    3k run of 9mm ..

    I have: 3,000 9mm cases, cleaned and fully prepped, ready to reload, 1,000 115gr RN and 2,000+ 124gr FP … An abundance of Powder and Primers on hand.

    First up is the 115gr RN copper plated bullets. Just finished final tweaks on the XL650 .. Powder Charge, Bullet Seating/ OAL, Crimp.,  ready to run 50 to verify all is good to go.

    Friday, 13 October 2017

    Dillon Deliver .. 100%

    I damaged my XL 650 Station One Locator insert for 9mm. Dillon fast response on their 1-800 number .. a replacement part is on its way, no charge .. 100% no BS warranty. Part would have cost $17.94 plus postage.imageHIS IS AN AUTOMATED EMAIL. DO NOT REPLY.
    A package was shipped to you on 10/13/2017 via
    U.S. Postal Service First-Class, Package to the following address:

    Part arrived, installed and working.

    Sunday, 24 September 2017

    Upgrade for Dillon 650


    • Dillon 650 Light Module.
    • Mounting Clips.
    • Power Adapter (cord is approximately 36" long).
    • Power Switch.


    • Position the light module under the toolhead.
    • Insert the large retainer in center hole.
    • Insert the small retainer in the offset hole.


    Wednesday, 1 February 2017

    38 Special Loading with Trail Boss

    Small quantity (90 rounds) Set-Up on the T7 with Dillon Dies and Powder Measure.  Trying the Dillon Powder Measure dispensing Trail Boss.  125 grain Flat Point with 4.1 grains of Trail Boss.38setup1Dillon 38/357 Pistol Die Set: Re-Size/De-Prime,  Powder Measure with included Flaring funnel, Bullet Seating then Crimp.  T7 Primer seating,after Pocket cleaning.38setup2This turned out to be a nice set-up: Dillon Die Set on the Redding T7. The powder measure was flawless in drop and the dual return springs (old style) worked a treat.  Good case fill and light crimp. All done, rounds ready for a test drive .. probably Monday.image